Service : How to Replace the Damaged Grips

Winter off season brings an opportunity for service. Many of the service operations could be made at home.

We´ll start with one familiar fact : the more you follow our recommendations for basic car, the less you´d need to do 😉 Smart dudes would from time to time :

– control all the screws and nuts

– clean the shock and the brake

– clean the cover (upholstery)

By the way : nobody, even your own child wants to touch a muddy stroller; therefore it´s not a bad idea not even to clean it (a hand-brush is OK), but also to wash it. Try to do it at least once in a year (it depends on the extent of the dirt – if you use the protecting clear sheeting and the mudguard, then it doesn´t have to be so bad ;-). Just take down the cover and put it into the washmachine on 30° C (cold).

P. S. Just to make it clear : it´s pretty OK when you get muddy in the trackless terrain, all we´re saying is that it´s not a bad idea to clean the cover from time to time, just like you´re cleaning your bike.

That´s all about the basic care. Anyway, there are still some accidents that could happen even to those who care a lot about their trailers. Like for example damage of the handlebar grips.

Did you know that you can easily replace them for new ones? We can send you a new set. All you should do then at home is to put out the old/damaged ones and change them for new ones.

To do that you´ll need to dismantle the handlebar which is easy, click on assembly-handlebar

One tip for the exchange : before you put the new grips on, use as a lubricant a bit of cooking oil 😉