Don´t be afraid to ask and to combine

We do offer 3 models, but you don´t have to choose just from them, you can also assemble your own. Don´t be afraid to ask for what you´d really need.

We know, that your demand could be different from what we normally offer. But it´s good to know, that our product line doesn´t end with the 3 models promoted and sold. There is a good news for all of you who would like to assemble your own model – just write to us and tell us, what exactly do you need.

OK, we would not offer another type of shock suspension or brake. But we can do an individual offer for you. Say, you know, that you would like to buy just the trailer version with kickstand, but you´d like to have the full side windows venting. Just write to, we´ll make an individual offer to you.

Sounds interesting to you? OK, we´re expecting you message and request.