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Buy now, save 40 € and start to ride earlier

Special offer for all who want to start to ride with their kids as soon as possible!

Tahoe Air : longer swingarm and bigger wheel

Let us introduce new version of our Tahoe bike trailer with longer and slimmer swingarm and with bigger wheel.

Save now by 2-in-1

Extra offer for everbody who´s looking for an 2-in-1 bicycle trailer and stroller.

Christmas terms

If you´re considering to buy our trailer as a gift for Christmas, let us know on time. Time is running and we always need few days to complete and ship the order.

Why „made in“ matters

Most of the European bike industry has a mighty struggle on its hands: Creating idealized visions of products while remaining blind to how they’re being made.

OFFER : Upgrade your Tahoe to stroller

Upgrade your trailer to a stroller and save. Until the 30th of November you can buy a stroller axle with 12inch wheels and a brake set in one set for great price.

Tips & Tricks : How to service the swingarm

One of the parts which suffer most is the swingarm so it´s always a good idea to control it and clean it.

Trailer as a great investment

With trailers you have fun with your kids every day. And they keep their price as used ones.

The waiting is now shorter

We are proud to announce that we´ve shortened the delivery times by the most models.

Easter special offer of accessories

Don´t hesitate, now you could get some useful accessory cheaper.

About KoloFogo 3 models

What´s the difference between your 3 models?, that´s the question we would like to answer digestedly in this short article.

Don´t be afraid to ask and to combine

We do offer 3 models, but you don´t have to choose just from them, you can also assemble your own. Don´t be afraid to ask for what you´d really need.


(R)evolution of a trailer

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