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Buy now, save 40 € and start to ride earlier

Special offer for all who want to start to ride with their kids as soon as possible!

Summer with full side window venting

We´ve decided to make the basic model Tahoe more attractive with full side window venting for free.

Place an advance order and save

Although there is almost everywhere warmer now, it´s winter and just few of us think about spring and about biking with kids. Yet, this is actually a perfect time to plan ahead and save.

Our vision. Look into the future

A versatile cargo trailer, which will provide all: business activities, shopping and fun with your children.

Think different. Single

We want to convince people that they should change their twowheeled trailers for a versatile singletrailer. Why? It´s just more fun!

Don´t be afraid to ask and to combine

We do offer 3 models, but you don´t have to choose just from them, you can also assemble your own. Don´t be afraid to ask for just what you´d really need.

About KoloFogo 3 models

What´s the difference between your 3 models?, that´s the question we would like to answer digestedly in this short article.


(R)evolution of a trailer

Across the world