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Experiences from Canada

One of our Cargo models ended up in Canada. It’s in service every day and they’ve already loaded 50 kg on its back. How did it hold up?

About KoloFogo models

What´s the difference between 3 Kolofogo models?, that´s the question we answer in this brief article.

Best value deals

Have you recently bought one of our trailers and now you consider to buy some extra accessories? Then take a look at our current advantageous offers.

Tune-Up Packages for your trailer

The main season is almost over, it´s time to think about some service before the winter hits. We´ll do that for you, quickly and with a guarantee.

Trailers are amazing tools

This article from about trailers is already more than one year old, but it´s worth to cite its author Cass Gilbert.

Enjoy the trails

Show me how you do that trick… When the son grows up and rides not in the trailer, but with the trailer.

Move and a new address

In July we moved our domicile from Prosec u Skutce to Litomysl, Marakova 651.

How a trailer is made

Twenty-five different components, many of them in several variations, are the ingredients needed to produce one KoloFogo trailer.

Replace the swingarm with a longer one and a bigger wheel

With spring comes a unique offer for all Tahoe owners. For those who are considering upgrading to the Air 24 version.

Free shipping, save now

Until the 30th of September free shipping within EU plus Switzerland!

Tips & Tricks : How to service the swingarm

One of the parts which suffer most is the swingarm so it´s always a good idea to control it and clean it.

Tahoe Air : longer swingarm and bigger wheel

Let us introduce new version of our Tahoe bike trailer with longer and slimmer swingarm and with bigger wheel.


(R)evolution of a trailer

Across the world