Who are we

We are from Czech Republic, Europe. True bike enthusiasts, we´ve founded our company in the summer of 2013. After few months of research and experimentations we´ve finished our first prototype of single wheeled trailer (it took almost two years to get there). First trailers were produced by our supplier, but after a year, in January 2016, we´ve decided to start our own production. It was a radical but necessary step – our intention was to be not only designers, but also makers who could instantly work on improvements and offer perfect service.

Our goal was to come with a single wheeled trailer for children which could be used as well as a stroller. To offer a unique solution with some smart features which would help parents to use it longer. Therefore we´ve come with a trailer which literally grows with your child – from 3 or 4 months old ones up to 3 or 4 years old. People could also easily equip it with our special balance bike and use it even longer.

The biggest prize for us is satisfaction of our customers, who come from various parts of the world, mostly from Europe and USA. Thank you all for your support!



Pavel has had the idea. On the very beginning there was his experience with two-wheeled trailers which were good on roads but not well suited for terrain. He´s put together few smart people who were willing to try something new. Today, he appreciates their passion and enthusiasm with which they worked on the project. He hopes he could work with them again in the future. Pavel is a former journalist. Today, he coordinates production and business as well. Ask him whatever you´d like to know.



Zuzka is taking care mainly of the development of accessories. She´s is primarily an artist, so no wonder that she´s also overseeing the visual identity of our firm. She skillfully masters working on the infang sling or on the fender (both of which is she producing by herself) and simultaneously preparing InDesign data for advertising or for a billboard. She´d welcome any prompts or tips from you to any of the accessories mentioned, which is she continually trying to improve until the very perfection.



Born in Česká Třebová, Milan is great and skillfull guy, owner of the company MašKovo. He is able to react quickly and in so doing smartly, which opposes correct but usually much slower “look before you leap” tactics.  Above all he has really good ideas. He´s taking care of the production and service, following and benefiting from various actual trends. He has already accomplished a lot.



Dana is an accountant and she´s great. She´s been with us from the very begining and is backing us stubbornly. It could sound as a cliché, but Dana sees and knows better than anyone our real situation – knows exact numbers which are sometimes merciless. She is great not only because she´s systematically taking us back to the ground, but because she´s always having at least one or two nice words for us. We all hope that we could pay it her back sometime in the future. For this moment, at least great thanks for her support!