Replace the swingarm with a longer one and a bigger wheel

With spring comes a unique offer for all Tahoe owners. For those who are considering upgrading to the Air 24 version.

We are offering to buy the shorter swingarm from you and in exchange, we will send you a longer swingarm along with a bigger 24″ wheel for a better price. You will save 36 €.

You will be able to use the longer swingarm with both the bigger wheel and your current 20-inch wheel. In other words, you’ll get a complete Set 24 from us to upgrade your trailer to the Tahoe 24 Air. We will buy the shorter swingarm from you for a fixed price, no matter what condition – usable 🙂 it is in. This means you only pay € 143 for the whole set instead of the € 179 we normally charge.

The procedure is as follows : order the discounted Set 24 in our e-shop (, we will send it to you. Before we prepare and pack everything, dismantle your current, shorter swingarm and pack it, ideally in a smaller box.

When the DHL courier arrives (we’ll let you know the day before), he’ll hand you the package with Set 24 and at the same time take the box with the shorter swingarm from you. You just have to take out a Retour label with the pre-printed address from the package with the Set 24, you will find it right under the cover, it´ll take a second to take it out and stick it on the box with the shorter swingarm. The courier will bring it with him, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

If you have any questions about this, email us at