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Are you looking for a bicycle trailer which you could use also as a stroller? Of course, there are many to choose from. But most of them are two-wheeled ones, which is a big handicap on unpaved paths. So if you plan to ride on trails or simply off the beaten tracks, choose a single wheel trailer like Kolofogo.

Kolofogo is not only a single wheel trailer, it is also a combination of a trailer and stroller so if you plan for example a bike holiday by Lago di Garda, you take just the Kolofogo with – you don´t have to bother what to do with your kid when you return from a bike trip. You just put the stroller wheels on and in a minute you´re ready to go for a walk. In brief : you don´t need to take separately trailer and stroller with you, you just pack your Kolofogo.

Our most popular model is Trayecto which has many extra accessories. Unique to singltrailers around the world, the Trayecto quickly converts into a 3-wheeled stroller. Instead of a kickstand, dual wheels fold down and allow for an ultra-stable and comfortable stroller for walking off paved surfaces. It is the only model with full side window venting (side windows you can unstrap).

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