Our own shock absorber. Because of an actual crisis

Extreme terms of delivery have forced us to accelerate the making of our own shock absorber.

There is one news we´d like to inform you about. If you order our trailer now, you´ll be among the first ones who will get new damper from us.

As you probably know, so far we´ve used the dampers from American company SRAM (Rock Shox Monarch R3). Although we´ve got them with the finest pre-set from the factory (Low Compression/Low Rebound), it wasn´t perfect. It was still to “hard”, especially for smaller children. i. e. newborns, up to 10 kg.

We´ve been working on a new shock absorber in colaboration with experts from Czech firm ZOKO s. r. o. and with German firm SUSPA GmbH. It should be definitely better (more sensitive).

By the way, it is definitely a right way for us as the bicycle business is facing big troubles with unbelievable long deliveries from Taiwan and continental China. Last Fall (in October) SRAM announced, that any new orders of dampers will be carried out earliest in 270 days, which is almost the whole year…

The first piece of our new damper for short tests should be ready on January 30th. We all hope that it will be better – more sensitive – than the current one.