Summer with full side window venting

We´ve decided to make the basic model Tahoe more attractive with full side window venting for free.

Yes, exactly. The summer is high and so are the temperatures. Therefore we´ve decided to offer our basic model Tahoe with full side window venting for free. Our special offer is valid from now on untill the 31st of August.

Tahoe is a single-trace trailer with shock suspension. It’s attached to the seatpost pole, not as usually to the axle of the back wheel. The joy of riding it exponentiates fact that you don’t haul a cart, but a single-trace carrier which perfectly sits on the trail. It’s a trailer with kickstand, but you can anytime update it to the higher version (Dusky or Trayecto).

What you get if you order Tahoe:

  • A singletrailer with kickstand, drag bar and one seatpost adapter
  • Fender (protection against mud, dust and little stones), the upholstery has windows venting in front and has just one pocket (in the back)

What you can buy/accessorize:

  • Foldaway axle with two small wheels, brake, mudguard, wheels 14´´ for inline skating and the balance/learning bike
  • Headrest, small pocket for drinks, side cushion and the infant sling for toddlers

Technical parameters:

  • Frame material : Aluminium and stainless steel (handlebar)
  • Weight (including kickstand) : 11,8 kg / 26 lbs
  • Ground clearance : 24 cm / 9,4 inches
  • Width – just the cabin : 40 cm / 15,7 in (down)  and 45 cm / 17,7 in (up – behind the seat)
  • Width – cabin with kickstand : 46 cm / 18,1 in
  • Height (on kickstand) : 98 cm / 38,5 in
  • Parameters when packed : length 115 cm (45 in) / height 35 cm (13,7 in) / width 60 cm (23,6 in)
  • Suspension : RockShox Monarch R3, 190/51, Low Compression / Low Rebound