Think different. Single

We want to convince people that they should change their twowheeled trailers for a versatile singletrailer. Why? It´s just more fun!

It´s important to premise the notorious truth that the world is changing. Bicycles are no more what they used to be few years ago, so are the trails and the people. And so should be the trailers.

Once you´re a biker you don´t want to compromise, you want to ride outside, not on boring paved roads, but on nature trails under the trees. Shortly: somewhere where are no cars, just you and your bike.

Once you´ll become a parent, you´d like to grant the same kind of experience not just to you, but also to your child. You don´t want the weave in and out the  streets in the city (full of cars) with him as well.

But how to get out with a twowheeler? First, you can not hook it up to most of the new bikes (the connection onto the axle of the rear wheel is simply no more possible), second you could not use it with fullys, and thirdly, you´d not enjoy it in the terrain, because of the wide wheelbase of the twowheelers.

So, what are you waiting for? Just think different and choose a singletrailer.