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Technical parameters:

Material of the frame Aluminium, except the handlebar which is made from the stainless steel
Weight (incl. all three wheels) cca 13 kg
Ground clearance 24 cm
Width - just the cabin 40 cm (down) / 45 cm (up - behind the seat)
Width - cabin with the wheels 63 cm
Height (incl. all three wheels) 90 cm
Parameters when packed length 115 cm / height 35 cm / width 60 cm


New Dusky for just 1180 €

You can now order the Dusky option for just 1180 €. Dusky is a single-trace trailer and also a stroller. If you want to learn more, write to Or just order in our online shop.

We've opened a TestPoint in Liberec

You can now try and test our stroller/trailer in Liberec where we've recently opened a TestPoint. It's operated by Petr Kozak. You can reach him either on or on +420 608 973 453.

From the Trailer to the Learner Bike

For this season we've prepared a learner bike for which you would be able to use the wheels from your trailer. You can easily carry it on the trailer. The kid could then go a few hundred meters by him or herself.


The stroller has successfully passed the crash and control tests in the Czech engineering test institute. It's complying with the safety/mandatory standards EN 15918+A1 a EN 1888:2012 (for both, bicycle trailers and strollers).

Photogallery & Video

Our goal was to create a brand new stroller which you would enjoy together with your child. This stroller would offer a new way of spending the all day. You can go shopping with it, then running or inline skating and finally attach it behind your bike.

How does it look like


How do you fold it



3 reasons why you should decide for KoloFogo.

KoloFogo KoloFogo KoloFogo

Comfy seating

Thanks to easily adjustable seat the child would enjoy full comfort, even a nap (the swingback angle could be adjusted up to 130°). You can also use the carry-on bag to walk around with newborns.

Wheels which can drive through even very narrow door

The two-wheels axle has been designed so that it won't be in your way whatever you'll be doing (you won't stumble by running or inline skating). Moreover, the design of the axle makes it possible to easily fasten the two wheels to the upper part of the frame when riding it behind the bike so you can take them with wherever you go. Finally, thanks to the tapered frame the two wheels won't be in your way when you'd go through even very narrow door.

Light single-trace trailer with the shock suspension

Behind the bicycle the stroller is attached to the seatpost pole, not as usually to the axle of the back wheel of your bike. Thanks to that you won't feel any annoying bumping and the child is higher above the ground. The joy of riding it exponentiates the fact that you don't haul a cart behind, but a single-trace carrier which perfectly sits on the trail.

Idea and manifacturing

We do believe in what we're doing and how we're doing it. So we can offer for example a life guarantee for the frame. Our goal is to produce a high-quality, safe and comfortable trailer, with which parents could go even through trackless terrain.

Light but durable aluminum frame

Aluminium is a proved material for all types of construction and frames. It's light and stainless. Our designers have worked with it so that the frame is very stable and safe.

Waterproof and strong fabrics without toxins

The cover of the stroller is made only from non-harmful fabric according to the standard (EN 71-3). It it easily washable, to clean it up you will need just warm water and a bit of soap.

High-quality shocks and brakes

The frame has been built so that it fully uses the potential and comfort of the shock. When you need to stop you'll appreciate the uncompromising disc brake.

We would like to create and produce more than a child trailer. Yes, there is more to come. For example - our tow bar could be later used - with an adaptor - as a tow bar for children’s bicycles. We also plan to develop and produce our own child bicycles etc. The high quality is what we really appreciate.


Where do you find us? We are just a small company from Czech republic. We don't sell our strollers through dealers or big shops yet, however there is always a way how you could see and test them. Just call Pavel Cerny on +420 724 014 416, he'll arrange that. Or write to:


RedFleck spol. s r. o.
tř. Svobody 956/31
779 00 Olomouc
IČ:  01796119
DIČ:  CZ01796119


The whole stroller is made in Czech republic. We manufacture the frame in Proseč u Skutče, the rest is being made by the firm Calounictvi Rekovi in Oldrichov.

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We do offer three basic colors. However on demand we're also able to arrange another color combination.


Already the standard version of the stroller has been equipped with high-quality shock and disc brake.

More stuff

We do offer also quite a lot of additional stuff. For example you can choose a carry-on bag for newborns or a window in the roof.

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