Used trailers for sale

For sale is now this year´s Cargo model with the board. You´ll save 156 €.

One test model of Kolofogo Cargo made in 2022 is for sale with 25 % discount. The frame is lightly scratched (see enclosed pictures), with two almost invisible scratches. Also, the holes in the attachment for the tow bar are not exactly accurately drilled – it has no effect on the ride, but still, it is an inaccuracy.

We do offer it for 485 € (regular price 599 €) with the board, which normally costs another 42 €. You have to buy extra just the seatpost adapter.

The trailer is ready for shipping. Just order on, or call +420 724 014 416.

485 EUR

SOLD. For sale is now last year´s Tahoe model with longer swingarm and with bigger, 24inch wheel. In blue. Save now 283 €!

The trailer was used for tests and looks very goog – it has just normal/usual marks of a used stuff (see the enclosed pictures). We offer it for sale with 20 % discount. The price is normally 1415 €, now it´s available for 1132 €.

Included is the tow bar and one seatpost adapter.

If you´re interested in, just write to


1132 EUR

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