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One could think that once we sell the trailer, we don´t care anymore. Sadly, it´s todays practice. But we don´t think like that. We are here for you anytime. Once you´re our customers, we do care and so we´re always ready to help you with anything you´d need.

Don´t hesitate to write to us if you need to repair anything. We´ll try to solve it promptly. Just let us know. Either with the help of the formular below, or just leave a message at

Accessories and spare parts

  • 8

    These tubes are spare parts for the 12 inch stroller wheels. With DV / Dunlop valve provided.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 10

    These tubes are spare parts for the 20 inch wheel. With Schrader / car valve provided.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 39

    An adapter for the handle. A spart part, because normally it´s delivered with all our models. If you need a new one or just another one.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 230249

    Balance bike for the very first bike experience of your child. Lightweight – just 4 kg / 8,8 lb – thanks to unique construction with just one fork in front and one in the back.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 151

    Balance bike as an accessory to the stroller. The discounted price for customers who have already bought or are just getting our 2-in-1 trailer and stroller. All they have to do is buy a frame because the 12-inch wheels with the quick-release pins to fit are already part of the equipment (stroller set).

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • SALE -11%

    Set of bigger, 14 inch wheels which are good especially for running or inlineskating; with them the stroller sits higher above the ground. Now on sale.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 42

    Board for our Cargo model. It´s made from timber, 9 mm thick. Big enough for bigger load – 40 cm (15 in) width and 57 cm (22 in) length. Carry capacity 40 kgs.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 79

    For all who have for example the Tahoe model, which is normally delivered without the brake. One could easily upgrade it to the 2-in-1 trailer and stroller model. Disc brake is actually a set – it´s the mechanical disc brake Avid BB5, the disc Avid 160 mm, brake cable and a brake lever with manually adjustable arrestment.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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